HEKA - Where Tech meets Brain Science

Heka is the first fund that invests in next-gen BrainTech in Europe and the United States.


Brain Capital

The world is increasingly relying on brain capital, where a premium is put on brain skills and brain health. Through its investments and support, HEKA contributes to strengthening and rebuilding of brain health.

The fund builds on the Brain Capital approach. The BrainTech startups in which Heka invests connect science and technology to bring bliss and resilience to people.

Supported solutions leverage scientific results in the fields of mental health and substance use, neurology, neuroscience, adolescence, education, the future of work, creativity and innovation, and brain performance, particularly in late life and early childhood.


Harnessing the wealth of biological data with AI

Innovative solutions are emerging thanks to new diagnostic tools, such as those resulting from identifying biomarkers that can now measure what impacts the brain.

Heka is dedicated to investing in innovations that harness the wealth of biological data related to the brain, integrating it with cutting-edge software and AI.

Our focus spans precision medicine, personalized treatments, and predictive strategies, fundamentally changing the paradigm of medical care and addressing critical health challenges.

The diversity of fields of intervention for HEKA is immense as startups are multiplying on the subject.


A portfolio of 20+ BrainTech leaders

HEKA has the ambition to finance and build global Brain Capital Startup champions.

The startups will be sourced in the European Union (70%), Switzerland, Norway, Israel (5%), and the USA (25%). The portfolio will be built over five years and will consist of 20 to 25 companies.

The fund will invest on all topics of the BrainTech sector. HEKA will make the initial investment at Seed and Series A stages, and will continue supporting the startups through selective follow-ons.

Our ambition is to help our portfolio companies expand to the USA, thanks to our dedicated team in Palo Alto, our wide US network and our Road to the USA refined method.

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A unique scientific partnership with the FondaMental Foundation

HEKA relies on a unique investment process leveraging the finest from both scientific rigor and investment best practices.

The partnership with the FondaMental Foundation opens access to a wealth of scientific expertise for Heka's team and its community. Scientific experts will inform investment decisions and help support start-ups. The quality of the scientific evaluation is unmatched for a VC fund.

Heka's strategic orientations will be discussed by a supervisory board involving exceptional members, each of them expert in a specific field - Science, Industry, Policy, and Innovation.

BrainTech Content

BrainTech Content

Our team regularly shares updates on our portfolio companies and in-depth studies into sub-sectors we are actively exploring.

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HEKA is an impact fund built on purpose to increase positive externalities in the Brain Capital area
and an ESG sustainable investing product classified as "Article 9" under the European SFDR regulations.


This comes with strong commitments


Sustainable Development Goal - SDG 3.4: Good Health and well-being

Over 80% of invested companies’s revenues will contribute to Good Health and well-being, as defined within United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:

“By 2030, reduce by one third premature mortality from non-communicable diseases through prevention and treatment and promote mental health and well-being.”

The three main non-communicable diseases are dementia, stroke and depression.

Fertile ground

Delivering social impact

✔ Thorough ESG assessment through a dedicated scoring tool.
✔ Principal Adverse Impacts and Do No Significant Harm principles
    of the OECD and the UN
✔ Discussion with target companies around relevant KPIs and
    post-closing ESG commitments.
✔ Collection of extra-financial data, KPIs monitoring, SFDR reporting.
✔ Responsible shareholder practices and support to our founders on
    ESG & Impact areas.