Newfund is an entrepreneurial VC firm focused on early-stage investments in France and the United States.

Newfund's investment strategy is industry-agnostic and people-driven, focused on the constant search of founders obsessed to realize their vision. We seek to understand entrepreneurs as individuals, appreciate their originality and play to their strengths. Greatness doesn't have a stereotype.

We are a first check fund, meaning that we bring the first institutional money to one's start-up. We invest between $300k and $800k in equity rounds up to $1.5m and do follow-ons. We even start at $100k in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region with our NAEH fund. Beyond money, we provide access to our operating team and cross-border ecosystem to help founders find product-market fit and accelerate their growth.

We want founders with skin in the game. Similarly, the Newfund team is a large LP in each fund, our interests are aligned, there is no agency.

In Europe, we focus on projects that address markets beyond France from Day 1, i.e. starting international expansion at the latest once the seed round is completed.


Our Mission: to help entrepreneurs realize their vision

We see ourselves as active partners, in phase with the founders' ambitions. Our goal is to support you all along the journey to product/market fit, and beyond.

We fight alongside the entrepreneur to take her company to the next level, non-stop.

We give our opinion when asked and when we feel we have to.

We nurture an ecosystem that contributes to the visibility of the start-up through common interests and hard work to make the right connections at the right time.

We know how it feels to lose a customer or stop a product that doesn't work. We also know what it takes to create a $B company.

We believe in no-nonsense companies.

We are people backing people.

Your success is our obsession.

We don't pretend to be cool.


Welcome to the Entrepreneurial Age.


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We are committed to make Environmental and Social Governance investments.