International money transferring solutions through mobile

Koffi Freitas

Founder & CEO

In 2003, Tellus intriduced a new phone service under the commercial name of Joxko. Since then, it has offered its customers an efficient telephone service for international calls. Available from Europe and North America, this service allows to call cheaply to Asia, South America and Africa in about 90 countries. In addition to allowing you to make cheap international calls, Joxko offers you through its mobile credit transfer service to top up international phones. Joxko allows users to transfer call units to friends and family abroad, at a fraction of the cost of existing money transferring solutions.

The service is available from anywhere in the world to most African countries, as well as other countries in Latin America and Asia.

The company is based in Sophia-Antipolis, Southern France.

Newfund Investor: Patrick Malka