Olino (ex Riskee)

Insurance solutions to empower your business

Quentin Fabre_Olino_CEO
Quentin Fabre

Co-founder & CEO

Dorian Jorry_Olino_COO
Dorian Jorry

Co-founder & COO

Olino is an Insurtech startup and leader in digitalization of insurance brokerage. It offers a professional insurance technology tailor made for Very Small Businesses (VSBs) and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Its offers are varied and can cover specific areas such as professional civil liability, cyber risks, goods or business travel.

Clients can subscribe to an insurance policy online in less than 5 minutes via a series of simple questions. Olino's proprietary algorithm-based API assess the customer's risk and draws on contracts with more than 30 insurers to create a customized insurance plan that can be modified based on needs. This allows clients to receive their insurance certificate immediately upon enrollment.

A second platform, called The Cockpit, is a SaaS that allows customers to aggregate their insurance policies (including those of Olino's competitors) and receive an analysis of their overall coverage. The Cockpit looks for possible duplications or gaps in coverage, and notifies the user when a contract is about to expire.

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