Akoustic Arts

Ultra-directional sound speaker

Ilan Kaddouch


This startup has been liquidated.

Listening to a sound coming out of the ultra-directional loudspeaker "A" is like wearing an invisible headset, only you can hear it! After 5 years of R&D and the filing of a patent, Akoustic Arts has developed a technological and scientific jewel. The "A" speaker is a small box made up of 200 ceramic loudspeakers, arranged in a hexagon. Its very special hardware design, combined with powerful software processing, makes it possible to make sound content ultra-directional: it is transported in the air in a tunnel from which sound does not escape. Only the intended user can hear it. Spielberg had already directed it in the film Minority Report (see the Gap store scene)

Today, the start-up is focusing on two growth markets. First of all, retail, for which a product is already marketed, for example with Chanel, Galeries Lafayette, Clarins and Franck Provost. It is obvious that for a brand, the diffusion of personalized information for each visitor according to the radius where they are located makes it possible to enhance the customer experience.

Then the automotive sector, which is very much in demand. In rapid transformation, it is seeking to provide its customers with a more segmented cabin equipped with more services. The manufacturer Renault has invested in the company's capital because it is interested in this technology for its high-end vehicles.   

Beyond that, the possibilities seem endless: at home for video games and films but also in public places such as museums.


Newfund Investor: Patrick Malka