Fan Tokens & NFTs for music

William Bailey

Co-founder & CEO

Arthur Amon

Co-founder & CTO

Bolero Music aims to put a record label in everyone’s pocket. The platform turn fans into partners by letting them invest in the music they love.
Partner with the artists you support by acquiring their fan tokens: access exclusive experiences and rare materials, impact artists journeys with a decision-making power, track each token’s value based on artists trajectories.
Own the music you love to listen by collecting shares in songs: become a legitimate record rights holder, earn proportional master royalties.Contribute to the growth and share the success of your favorite artists, that’s what Bolero offers by letting people invest in the artists of your choice at a fair price and “open to all”.
By reducing the influence of the middlemen with a 100% decentralised platform, Bolero adds a layer to the traditional artist revenue model by creating a sustainable income. It also enables artists to craft an innovative direct-to-fan experience, as well as to monetize their catalog.

Newfund investor: Augustin Sayer