Fan tokens (NFT) for music

William Bailey

Co-founder & CEO

Arthur Amon

Co-founder & CTO

Bolero Music aims to become the first blockchain-based platform to invest in music through "fan tokens" and NFTs. Tokens and NFTs are dematerialized certificates that prove ownership. They are similar to classic shares of a company that are traded on a decentralized ledger: the Ethereum blockchain.

Contribute to the growth and share the success of your favorite artists, that's what Bolero offers by letting people invest in the artists of your choice at a fair price and "open to all". Buying a token allows you to be "more than a fan" by taking advantage of exclusive benefits, unlocking rewards and especially by joining a fanbase: a club that gathers all the fans who own tokens of the artist.

By reducing the influence of the middlemen with a 100% decentralised platform, Bolero adds a layer to the traditional artist revenue model by creating a sustainable income. It also enables artists to craft an innovative direct-to-fan experience, as well as to monetize digitally scarce contents.

Newfund investor: Augustin Sayer