Privacy for AI & Big Data
Pervez Choudhry
Co-Founder & CEO

Nowadays, companies’ data are stored together in data lakes, circulating on numerous servers or some providers’ clouds. In order to access this data and make it useful, companies have to go through multiple stages manually: they have to comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), they have to decode the raw data collected, then compile it and finally anonymize it. This process not only takes up a considerable amount of time, but can also lead to security failures and delay the rate of data analysis.

BORNiO brings a solution to this problem thanks to its SaaS code which enables companies to access and share their clients’ data safely and efficiently within the GDPR’s parameters. This technology, which was developed at Harvard, breaks down the data into sections and makes only the relevant sections available to then be processed.

BORNiO is a comprehensive framework for anonymizing and mining sensitive data, which enables organizations to comply with regulations with minimal data quality degradation. Stemming from cutting-edge privacy research in leading academic institutes, BORNiO has integrated all essential services for sensitive Data Mapping, Secure Data Access, Encrypted Caching, Policy Enforcement and Data De-identification algorithms.

BORNio combines features such as:

  • Seamless connectivity to multiple data sources and consuming apps via JDBC interface
  • Automatic detection of sensitive data (e.g. PII) and mapping to adjustable policies
  • Dynamic anonymization with user-adaptable granularity and a range of techniques (Masking, Hashing, k-anonymity, Differential Privacy etc.)
  • Faster back-end processing for big data, via our encrypted cache, using our patent-pending private indexing

The company is in the process of transforming the technology into the final product.

Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays