SaaS platform for laundromats

Alexander Jekowsky

CEO & Co-Founder

The digital transformation can touch sectors where it is least expected. This is the case today with the American start-up Cents, which allows laundry owners to develop their business.

The start-up has developed a unique SaaS solution that covers all the needs of operators in the sector. From the reception of the laundry to its delivery, through the handling of the washing machines, the schedule of employees, including management of delivery drivers, the creation of a website and online payment, Cents offers all the solutions to efficiently manage a network of laundries in self-service or "full-service" (dry cleaning).

Even better, Cents has started to develop a 'hub and spoke' platform, to allow each laundry to receive excess orders from another dry cleaner if needed. Laundries that no longer have the capacity to process orders will still be able to accept new customers without hiring additional employees or affecting their margins.

Finally, Cents is also improving service by offering to return ironed and folded garments via a "wash and fold" application and a system to pick up and deliver the garments to customers or to the store. This application enables a Direct to Consumer solution to be offered at a national level.


Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays