Civ Robotics

Fast, smart & reliable marking solutions

Tom Yeshurun

Co-founder & CEO

Liav Muller

Co-founder & CPO

Productivity in the construction industry has stalled since the post-war era as technical improvements have only compensated the increase in labor costs. The industry is in a pivotal age where the desire to automate the construction process is aligned with technological feasibility.

Surveying is one area that could benefit tremendously from automation. Construction sites require coordinates to be marked with visible markers (e.g. pegs, stakes and paint) in order to know what and where to build. Today this is largely done manually from the first to last day of construction.

Civ Robotics has developed unmanned ground and air systems for land surveying professionals with marking capabilities, providing construction companies with autonomous solutions to increase productivity. Today, the company presents three GNSS equipped robots to meet the different needs of automating the marking and staking-out process. For example, Civ’s ground spraying robot, CivDot, marks coordinates 6x-10x faster than a surveying crew depending on the terrain, thus halving the cost of marking and staking.

The company developed a device that can be mounted on commercially available drones and ground rovers for autonomous marking and staking. Civ Robotics software also is providing data to project management, allowing for real-time data collection and daily reports. Finally, the company is developing smart stakes (e.g. each stake includes an RFID with that is coded with detailed instructions for the builders based on the blueprints), thus creating a potential razor/blade business model as construction companies steak-out hundreds to thousands of points every day in the field.

Founded in 2018, ​Civ Robotics is incorporated in Tel Aviv, Israel where the R&D center is, and has a US operational subsidiary, where the CEO is located.

Newfund investor: Henri Deshays