The School of the Future
Michael Olaya
Founder & CEO

Founded in 2017, Dexter consists of a new school model that the world has never seen before. This start-up brings new educational experiences with the intent to inspire and to open the eyes of the next generation to the world of science, engineering and business. In order for this to happen, the school had to completely ignore the usual steps of education: what the students are taught, how they are taught and where they learn.

There isn’t a teacher per students anymore, but a speaker. For example, an astronaut teaches everything about planets and a criminologist analyzes a novel by Agatha Christie. Each student has a coach, and each coach has to take care of 8 students. Finally, the students are entrusted with grading their exams, using instructions. The students won’t be passively listening to lessons but will be participating in various activities of construction, coding and writing. This experience is thrilling as the teaching process will be captivating and concrete.

Currently, Dexter offers free online lessons, and an entire paid teaching course which is not free of charge. This completely replaces the traditional school at a much lower price than a typical private school. In 2020, 5000 students have signed up for Dexter’s free content and 75 students have paid for the entire teaching course. The demand exceeded more than 200 students. 


Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays