The school of the future

Michael Olaya

Founder & CEO

Founded in 2017, Dexter is building the school of the future. With a mission of empowering the next generation of scientists, artists, and engineers, Dexter brings transformational educational experiences to students from around the world regardless of geography or financial constraints.  

Dexter has reduced the cost of traditional schooling by one fifth by decoupling the role of the traditional teacher. Students receive live direct instruction from world-leading educators like Dr. Sian Proctor or Dr. Julia Shaw through the Dexter live streaming system. These live sessions are supplemented by small group tutoring and mentoring sessions led by Dexter learning coaches. Students then complete tasks and assignments which are graded by a separate team of graders. This software enabled specialization signifanctly reduces costs and improves quality.  

To truly provide a full-time K-12 alternative, Dexter is building a global network of physical campuses that supplement the online Dexter academic experience. With the decoupling of the academic experience from a specific geographic location, Dexter families have unprecedented flexibility with where, how, and when they learn.

Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays