Digitized and augmented property manager
Homeland - Renaud Lerooy et Frédéric Remeur
Renaud Lerooy and Frédéric Remeur

In three years, Homeland.immo, a digitized property manager, has experienced unprecedented growth for the sector: the start-up now manages 2,500 co-owners of 140 co-ownerships in Paris and its immediate suburbs, while a traditional syndic acquires an average of 5 new building management projects per year.

At the origin of this success? A simple idea, to modernize the property manager as we know it, which sprang up at the same time as a political will: "We started at the time of the decrees implementing the Alur law -French law implying more transparency " says Renaud Lerooy. The government was asking them to reorganize themselves to be more efficient and less opaque. We had already identified several possible areas for improvement and decided to create the digital tools necessary for this modernization."


Frédéric Remeur and Renaud Lerooy organized Homeland into three areas of expertise: work, legal and accounting, with a dedicated manager at their head. Managers are recruited to handle the relationship with the co-owners' meetings.


No more paperwork for each building managed! At Homeland, everything is scanned with text recognition and the use of intelligence to automatically classify all documents (contracts, quotes, invoices, PVs) in the right place. All the information is also available in real time on an extranet, which allows the members of the co-ownership to follow the evolution of each file: status of the estimates, evolution of the work in progress, history of the interventions... The syndic, Homeland sauce, is reactive and available 24/24 and 7/7 via a telephone hotline in case of emergency.


Transparency also on prices: the price starts at €14.99 including VAT and decreases with the surface area of the property.

In 2018, Homeland saved 51% in fees for all new clients.


Homeland currently has 10 employees and plans to hire 6 more by September. The aim is to set up partnerships with developers in order to offer new services as soon as a building is delivered.

Newfund Investor: Augustin Sayer

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