SaaS virtual clinic to prepare patients for surgery

Yassine Moussali

CEO / Co-founder

Nicolas Bonifas

CTO / Co-founder

Richard Boyer

CEO (US) / Co-Founder

Hoopcare built a hybrid platform that uses a combination of the expertise of a specialist and AI to prevent medical complications. 1 out of 3 surgery patient suffers complications, representing 100 billions dollars costs. We also know that half of these complications are avoidable, as most of them have rather simple causes, like tobacco, anemia or bad nutrition.

Hoopcare created a virtual clinic to evaluate and prepare patients for surgery. Patients need to answer about 50 questions on a web app that will alert - if necessary- doctors and nurses in charge of the pre-operation treatments. For the same group of patients, anesthetists detected 50% of potential risky profiles, while Hoopcare detected 83% of them.

These services also enable additional revenues for medical providers, as the reduction of complications reduce the overall costs for insurance companies, and speed up the rotation of hospital beds, which drives up their cost-effectiveness.


Newfund investor: Anne-Sophie Nédellec