Instruments and prosthetics for extremity surgery
Alan Taylor
Chairman & CEO
Eric Fourcault

In2Bones USA, LLC is a premier provider to orthopedic and podiatric surgeons of state-of-the-art implants and instrumentation for the upper and lower extremities. Its original product designs – including fully pre-sterilized devices and single-use instrument sets – directly answer the needs of today’s healthcare practitioners and organizations for improved efficiencies, surgical outcomes and overall patient care.

For surgeons, In2Bones’ innovative implant and instrumentation designs solve many of the problems and challenges posed by legacy device lines. The company’s biomechanical engineers and staff regularly work with industry thought leaders, surgeons, manufacturing partners, and the distribution network to bring new product applications to market.

In2Bones is expert in a range of biomaterials, including metallic alloys, biologics and elastomers. Its current products include:

- Hand & Wrist: Sterile Compression Screws & Staples, DR Plates , Pre-Sterilized Instrument Sets

- Foot & Ankle: Compression Screws & Staples, Allografts: Nail & PIP Implant, Plate Systems, 1st MTP Implant, PIP Implant, Pre-Sterilized Instrument Sets

- Biologics: Osteoconductive Wedges, Moldable Bone Putty, Accellular Dermal Matrix, Amniotic Liquid & Tissue Allografts.

The company is based in Memphis, TN and Lyon, France.