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Marc Lebel
Marc Lebel


"Jinka is THE best service to find an apartment easily and succeed in being the first in line on all classified ads. 3 visits to find my apartment, I recommend it to anyone who no longer wants to waste time," says François, on the Facebook page of Jinka users. 

Jinka aggregates all the rental offers on the Parisian market  and it counts 100,000+ users at the end of 2018. 20% of the flats in the Ile de France area are rented through Jinka, according to the declarations of the site's users. 

The secret sauce? Alexandre Barbey and Marc Lebel, founders of the start-up, have paid particular attention to the customer experience.

Once a user has given his search criteria, Jinka gives him access to 100% of the offers in real time and automates the process: the platform allows to create his profile online, to have it checked and automatically labelled. Saving time for tenants and landlords, who also benefit from an anti-fraud guarantee. In two hours, an user can find an apartment on the one hand, an owner can organize visits from dozens of complete and certified profiles on the other hand.

"Jinka allows you to be incredibly efficient in your search," explains Marc Lebel. The most important thing is to start by having good search criteria. Too many people think that with 600€ you can rent 30m² in the capital. Our virtual hunter guides and guides them. Thanks to his advice, our users find accommodation in 3 weeks in Paris, compared to an average of 8 weeks. ».

Jinka also protects against fraud. Many applicants, in a hurry, send their applications directly by email. However, some advertisers of traditional sites are in fact false landlords who seek to obtain the tenant's documents in order to usurp his identity.

In 2019, the start-up will also target other large cities in France and Europe such as Berlin and London, which have the same market problems as Paris. With one major advantage: the width of the offer and its guarantee product.

Next features to be built in:

  • Automation of appointment scheduling for visits.
  • Analysis, scoring and endorsement of files in order to solve the problem of selectivity with donors.


Newfund invested in Jinka in December 2018. The Family and Kima Ventures are among the co-investors.


Newfund Investor: Augustin Sayer