Quality orthodontic care for all

Nathan Carmel

Co-founder & CEO

David Dela Cruz

Co-founder & CTO

A star smile, with perfectly aligned and healthy teeth, is what everyone dreams of. But according to a recent study conducted by YouGov, 54% of French people are not satisfied with their smile. The reason: high costs and numerous appointments in the office.

The start-up Joovence is on a mission to democratize dental alignment with a direct-to-consumer model, limited travel and rates up to 60% lower than in a traditional office.

The treatment process begins online at with a free initial diagnosis performed remotely by an orthodontist. The patient is then directed to a practitioner who performs a complete oral examination and a dental impression. Thanks to the application developed by Joovence, the patient can visualize the evolution of his or her smile before making a commitment. Once the patient has given his consent, the aligners are 3D printed and shipped to his home. Every two weeks, patients send photos to the practitioner who has validated their treatment so that he or she can follow the progress remotely. Exchanges take place via a secure online interface. Physical appointments are scheduled only when necessary. 
Treatments range from 3 to 14 months depending on the case. There are three fixed prices (1.699€, 2.290€ and 2.590€) which do not depend on the duration but on the complexity of the treatments.

The founders Nathan Carmel and David Dela Cruz want to provide an impeccable customer experience. They have acquired a solid experience in the fields of healthcare, marketing and IT development within Dassault Systèmes, Alten and the start-up Medicalib. They are aiming at a fast international development in Belgium, Spain and Italy.

Newfund Investor: Augustin Sayer