Les Nouveaux Affineurs

The future of cheese

Nour Akbalary
Nour Akbaraly

Founder & CEO

Created in 2016, Les Nouveaux Affineurs is a producer of plant-based cheeses. In partnership with an INRA microbiology laboratory, the company has developed fermented products that are similar in texture and taste to dairy cheeses. Actually, not similar : for some, LNA's products are by far superior in taste to many traditoinal cheese, and they are definitely healthier.

Zero animal product. Zero additive or preservative. Organic ingredients only for refined, genuine and 100% gourmet products.

It has filed a first patent for the manufacturing process of a fermented product based on soy and cashew nuts.

The company has been offering its products to vegan shops, specialized marketplaces and restaurants since the end of 2018. 

Newfund Investor: Anne-Sophie Nedellec