Process management software

Simon Pioche

Co-Founder & CEO

François Arnaud

Co-Founder & Executive Managing Director

Process mining is a technique that facilitates the analysis of business processes - as they have been carried out - on the basis of event logs, which can be extracted from computer systems.  It is somewhat comparable to Data Mining, but the objective is mainly focused on the acquisition of process knowledge.

When they worked at Teleperformance, the world leader in outsourced customer experience management, Simon Pioche and François Arnaud processed large volumes of log files to identify the elements of the customer journey that impacted call center performance indicators. They began to use process mining technology to address the problem, and in view of its effectiveness, decided to launch Livejourney in 2017 to build a complete product.

Livejourney offers process mining in software mode and allows its customers to visualize, in real time, the path taken by everything that can be identified with a unique number. The platform allows any user to analyze the fluidity of a process, identify bottlenecks in real time and measure performance. It also includes a predictive component to anticipate future flows.

Livejourney's powerful platform tracks packages in a warehouse, the procurement of a pharmaceutical industry as well as the customer service of a bank. One of its clients is an EDF nuclear power plant. A thousand people work on the site. Digitized event logs are processed by the start-up to measure the actual time required for each maintenance operation, analyze coordination and identify bottlenecks or, on the contrary, latency times. In concrete terms, a valve check takes two hours, but safety operations take ten to twelve hours before and after the operation. The tool improves the task planning of maintenance teams and should reduce maintenance costs by 20%.

Livejourney is already starting to develop in the United States. The company has a first customer in the pharmaceutical industry, which is testing the solution on supply tracking. Newfund's US team has started working with the start-up. 

Acquired by QAD in December 2022

Newfund Investor: Anne-Sophie Nedellec