Funding guarantees for lenders

Ladislas Manset

Co-founder / CEO

Arthur Bertin

Co-founder / COO

Financing collateral makes it easier for companies to access funds, which is especially important in today's environment of rising rates and cash flow pressures.

At lenders, collateral is analyzed and recorded on Excel files or simply on sheets of paper in large binders stored in lockers. Having an overview of their collateral, its underlying value, whether loans are in good standing, whether they are having trouble enforcing their claims, and re-evaluating their portfolio can lead to costly and painful manipulations, limiting some collateral to the most important transactions.

By digitalizing the entire process and automating operations, Pono's solution automates the administrative and operational monitoring of collateral (formalities, KYC, covenants, reporting, etc.). By connecting to data and updating it in real time, banks can track potential covenant violations and make a margin call, or even increase leverage due to an increase in the value of a collateral.

Newfund investor: Augustin Sayer