Presence AI

AI powered texting for businesses

Michel Meyer

Co-founder & CEO

August 08, 2019 - Groupon Acquires Presence AI to Enhance Booking Experience.

“We’re pleased to welcome the Presence AI team and their booking technology to Groupon. Booking is a key part of our voucherless initiative aimed at improving the redemption experience, providing always-on availability, giving consumers more reasons to buy through Groupon and opening up our marketplace to a broader range of merchants,” said Groupon Chief Product Officer Sarah Butterfass. “Presence AI’s technology is very complementary to what we’ve been building into our existing booking experience and will accelerate our roadmap with its text- and chat-based interface.”


Presence AI develops instant messaging bots, helping businesses automatically interact with their clients, including questions on opening hours and services offered, schedules, bookings. 

Presence AI works with any booking system (or even no booking software).

  • SMS-enable your business with UNLIMITED messages
  •  Direct messages + AI automation
  •  24/7 automated answers
  •  Automatically gather booking details
  •  Easy AI Booking Reminders
  •  Easy AI Confirmations

Presence AI is integrated in MindBody, SalonBiz and Booker.

  • All the benefits from "Any Booking System"
  •  Customer base kept in sync
  •  Service and staff kept in sync
  •  Automatically saves bookings, changes, confirmations
  •  Send AI Booking Reminders in scheduled groups
  •  Send AI Confirmations in scheduled groups


Presence AI is based in San Francisco, CA.