Sustainable air purification technology

Natacha Kinadjian Caplat
Natacha Kinadjian Caplat

Founder & President 


Manon Vaillant

Cofounder & General Director


PureNat has developed an indoor air purification solution through the use of a biomimetic thread. They have patented the first indoor air purification solution that destroys pollutants instead of just storing them.

The thread is ecological, durable and can be integrated in furniture and decorative objects during their production. PureNat is looking to use their material for schools, hotels, companies and health institutions. Their future vision is to use this material to create masks as personal protection equipment. The company’s mission is to guarantee healthy air in buildings in order to preserve the health of their occupants.

Natacha Kinadjian Caplat has a background in chemical engineering and nonmaterial synthesis and is at the head of the industrial deeptech startup.

Newfund investor: Agathe Descamps