Fashion watches and jewelry reinvented

Romain Benichou

Co-founder & CEO

David-Emmanuel Cohen

Co-founder & CEO

Created in 2012, RED Luxury is a watch and jewelry company with a strong digital approach. It aims to disrupt the traditional watch and jewelry business by promoting differenciating products through innovative distribution networks.

Direct brands on the Internet:

- Ginette NY

- Reminiscence Paris

- Pamela Love

- Maison Montignac


The company in an expert in :

  • Conception - Experts in brand strategy, Red Luxury creates aesthetic and innovative watch collections in accordance with the customer's values.
  • Manufacturing - A Swiss, French or Asian production managed and controlled by Red Luxury teams.
  • Distribution - RED Luxury is above all a distribution network that extends worldwide. The group is present in over 1,500 points of sale, including several renowned department stores and concept stores. 

Based in Paris, France, the company has also offices in New York City, Dubaï and Seoul.

Newfund Investor: Patrick Malka