Decide with data

Joseph Rutakangwa
Joseph Rutakangwa

Co-founder - CEO

Eric Sewankambo
Eric Sewankambo

Co-founder - COO

The emerging economies are the fastest growing markets, yet getting accurate data is challenging. 98% of the transactions in Africa are in traditional outlets, 93% of those retailers do not have a POS and 90% of the transactions are still in cash.

Rwazi’s customers come with a list of questions that the startup transforms into quantitative and sometimes qualitative questions sent to gig workers called “mappers” who have the Rwazi app and are located in the regions the customer is interested in. The main use cases are:

- Capture real customer experiences to improve retail execution and drive loyalty Understand the competitive landscape

- Fill distribution gaps and drive sales

- Correct pricing, planogram, and promotional compliance issues

- Ensure product freshness and eliminate counterfeits

To date, the company has built a network of 30K mappers, mainly in Africa. The data crowdsourced by the mappers is then verified via geo and time stamps, and shared with the customer via a web app

Newfund investor: Henri Deshays