Mobile app for teachers that measures student engagement
Jamie Poskin - Co-founder & CEO @ TeachFX
Jamie Poskin
Co-founder & CEO
Berk Coker - Co-founder & CTO @ TeachFX
Berk Coker
Co-founder & CTO

Research shows that the more students speak in class, the more they learn. TeachFX's mission is to promote more meaningful and equitable classroom dialogue through professional learning that is data driven, job embedded, and teacher led.

What Fitbit brought to exercise, TeachFX is bringing to teachers. Using only a smartphone, TeachFX collects and visualizes comprehensive data about what’s happening in the classroom. Then the software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide with valuable metrics about teaching practice, classroom dynamics, and more.

Simply use your smartphone, tablet or laptop to analyze your class, and the app’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm tracks your talk ratio automatically, with no extra work from you or an instructional coach. The idea is to give teachers a useful barometer of student engagement you can check every day!

Last year, 400+ schools used the TeachFX tool, and teachers increased their student participation by an average 12.6 minutes per class.