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Olivier Piscart


Visiblee identifies anonymous visitors and provides high quality leads. Its proprietary technology collects information about online visitors by analyzing IP addresses, cookies, and metadata through a script installed on its cutomers' websites. Thus, relevant commercial information (telephone, email, address, photo, etc.) is gathered in real time through external web sources and databases with the help of powerful search tools.

Leads are then ranked by algorithms, taking into account the target market of customers and visitor behavior. Anonymous visitors become concrete and exploitable leads. In addition, each lead is automatically integrated into an email retargeting program. The visibility of the brand becomes guaranteed, as well as the reinforcement of the ROI.

Conversion rates are increased three-fold in average.

Current customers:
Moët&Chandon, Taxis G7, BNP Paribas, Microsoft, Kyocera, Arvato Bertelsmann, Hilti...

Why choose Visiblee? Visiblee is a unique SaaS Solution for Lead Generation. Here are the main differences between Visiblee and other existing solutions:

  • Identification of individual visitors and not only companies on your website
  • Leads are automatically enriched with the email addresses and phone numbers of decision makers
  • Qualified leads are automatically retargeted by automatic emails to convert them into customers

Visiblee is developed by Salezeo, which has its head office in Paris.