Watchdog System

Anti-theft motorcycle lock

An ultra resistant and easy to use anti-theft device

The Watchdog anti-theft device is a compact, ultra-resistant disc lock that fits easily under the saddle of motorcycles. Designed by bikers, ergonomics has been completely redesigned and simplified. Perfect grip, it can be attached to the bike in a single movement without getting your hands dirty.

Your bike protected in seconds.


A connected, intelligent and innovative system

The Watchdog lock is permanently connected to its owner. Equipped with high-performance sensors and a motion recognition algorithm (Machine Learning), it is capable of detecting the slightest risk. In case of an alert, the owner is notified in real time.

No need to look out the window every 5 minutes to check that your bike is still there...


The community at the heart of the system

The Watchdog anti-theft device is connected to the entire biker community. Indeed when an incident is detected, all motorcyclists in the vicinity are alerted, considerably increasing the risk for thieves...

The Watchdog System application, available on IOS and Android, facilitates exchanges between motorcyclists but above all allows everyone to watch over their neighbour's vehicle.