The perfect coffee-shop experience

Avishai Shoham

Co-founder & CEO

Tomer Zilkha

Co-founder & Head of culinary

Online food ordering and working from home became mainstream last year. The burgeoning new normal includes the convenience of ordering to home, but also the longing for great experience and social interaction. People working from home in the suburbs often find themselves driving out for coffee or food just to get some human interaction and an enjoyable break in their day not usually provided in food delivery services.

Zing is solving these problems by creating a new model to provide hyper-localized modular mobile commerce in the US suburbs. The first offering are barista-grade coffee and pastries, available now in Bergen County, NJ, a suburb of New York City.

Zing offers a complete coffee shop experience that can be ordered via a mobile app or at the point of sale. Food is prepared and delivered via a small vehicle reminiscent of an ice-cream truck. The barista is also the driver who not only crafts complex drinks such as cappuccino, frappe, latte, etc., but also offers warm conversations to customers during the process. Consumers in the suburbs will soon be able to enjoy the same quality food offered at boutique coffee shops at the same cost, with the convenience of online ordering and concenience.

Initially, the vehicles are stopped at key locations such as schools during kids’ drop-offs and pick-ups, local businesses and baseball fields during game time. Customers are invited to scan a QR code and download the app for future orders. The orders can be customized and enjoyed while interacting with other customers and the Zingtender. The end goal is for customers to subscribe to Zing as a daily routine, or order on the spot with much better quality of experience than delivery platforms.

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Newfund investor: Henri Deshays