Modern field service management platform
Arka Dahr - CEO, Co-founder @ Zinier
Arka Dhar
CEO and Co-founder
Andrew Wolf - Chief Product Officer
Andrew Wolf
Chief Product Officer and Co-founder
Zinier is a cloud-based platform helping large enterprises efficiently track and manage sales and service operations in the field to improve the customer experience.

Zinier’s low-code Platform-as-a-Service makes managing field operations easy. The platform is the fastest way to create and send workflows to field workers. No development needed. New workflows are launched in under 2 hours to any mobile device natively.

Benefits :

Efficiently managing field operations is no easy task. Not only does Zinier make it easy, but it also :

  • helps reduce costs :
    Digitize and automate workflows to dispatch field workers more efficiently and lower back-office load.

  • increases margins :
    Empower field workers with access to new product and promotional offers to trigger cross and upsell opportunities.

  • makes customers happy :
    Digital workflows help go from sale to install in record time, minimizing repeat service visits and improving the customer experience.

Zinier is headquartered in Burlingame, CA and also has operations in Miami, Singapore, Mexico City, and Bangalore.


Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays